03 November 2009

85.tampoon for the first time.. :)

Its still strange for me, when I trying to use this thing.. tampoon is something that used for women who get her period. I read the instructions on the box, for a while it look easy, but when I try it, its HURT.. its like put something inside our “V” and it’s a lil bit itchy, and hurts..

But sometimes its feel like we don’t in the period time, because the stuff is only big as our thumb and short , maybe around 5 cms.. I try to use it more gentle for the first time, it’s a lil bit not nice..but it really don’t spoil out from that area to our pants. The tampoon is made from a cotton and they make it like a lipstick..they put a rope at behind of that tampoons, to make us more easily to pull it up. Strange for me, but I wanna try.. :P ..and I HAD TRIED THAT…!!!!!!


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